Stuff from class. Some of these will see some updates, but I wanted to upload something.

This little series is about a holy place in the middle of a mountainrange some other terraformed planet. The spaceships are there to protect the pilgrim against terrorists attacks from other sects.


Sue said...

Johan you have some really cool ships here. I love the last two images it shows that You have a really great imagination. ; 3

You will get an awesome internship/job, I know it! Then we can have an awesome Viking stove!!
: D

KI-KE said...

Great great great job. Can't wait to see what the ones you touch up will look like man.

Emerson said...

your stuff gives me art-orgasms. multiple that is. keep it up, dude.

That one dude said...

JOHAN!!! How in the hell... where do you find time to produce these epic things, what class is it ???? please tell me, i want to do the same thing!