Gritty Man

Some character variations. Generally the same, but trying different themes and costume variations.

Inspired by a mix of viking and samurai.


Onwards in my struggle to get better at enviros.

A sci fi hallway. Its supposed to be in a modular space-base, where those "ribs" are modular pieces you tighten together to make a quick-to-assemble building. I want to do a schematic for it to explain it further. 

The rest are enviro sketches.


Lonely Tower


Sci fi enviro. A secret military facility.


New stuff.

Been practicing mostly Sci-Fi this year. 

Assault Soldier with a coilgun
Ziviuz Corps Modular Coilgun System
The system operates with a series of coils that is charged up with individual capacitors. Coils and capacitors are placed in replaceable unit, since they are prone to break during intense skirmishes. It also makes it easier to upgrade. Battery is also easily replaceable. 

3rd variation shows a system mounted with orange coil units, signifying it has to be powered by a external power source. The external powersource inlet is also colourcoded orange.
Ammo is also colourcoded: red for explosives, green for intelligent ammo, orange for blunt force and yellow for scatter and mortar.
Vanevir Large Armoured Personnel Carrier (L-APC). Capapcity with normal set-up: 11 (8 passenger seats, 1 captains seat, 1 gunner, 1 driver).
The Vanevir L-APC is a large and heavy transport, designed to withstand heavy fire. It is not designed to nimbly drive around obstacles, but rather through it, with it's easily replacable armour plates. 
The driver will either wear a VR helmet, or a surrounding 3D-panoramic screen hooked up to cameras. If the cameras fail, or while not in combat, the driver may open up the front hatch, and rise his drivers seat to look through it.
The captain in the captains seat have access to the periscope. While not technically necessary, it adds an imposing personality to the imposing vehicle, having the periscope look after dissidents. The captain can also control a briefing screen in the back, to brief soldiers before being deployed. In this particular case, a railgun is mounted on the top, operated with RWS (remote weapons system) by the gunner.

It came on a black horse: famine.


Shop items for Edgeworld!

 These are a couple of shop items I made at my internship at Kabam. Enjoy!


So I made this little 3D guy a while ago, and since he never actually got into anything useful, I thought I had to give him an epic monster to fight. So here he is.