Shop items for Edgeworld!

 These are a couple of shop items I made at my internship at Kabam. Enjoy!


So I made this little 3D guy a while ago, and since he never actually got into anything useful, I thought I had to give him an epic monster to fight. So here he is.



Concept art for a game me and my friends wanted to make. We'll see if we can get back into the groove and finish it up. This is the stasis capsule the character starts in.


Ambolt Head Riders

"They live deep in the Forest of Giant Trees. Through generations they have bred a species of lizards they call "Ambolt Heads". The tribes and the beasts are dependent on eachother to live in this dangerous part of the world."


Some speedpaints. They are between 20 minutes to 1 and half hour.


For once some 3D stuff. This is a gamecharacter of the old fashioned type. That is, no normals. Very much fun to texture for this kind of stuff.


Stuff from class. Some of these will see some updates, but I wanted to upload something.

This little series is about a holy place in the middle of a mountainrange some other terraformed planet. The spaceships are there to protect the pilgrim against terrorists attacks from other sects.



Okay a little while crocodile. But here's at least a little something.

Habitat in a crash site in the site of a big skyscraper!

And some old junk I never posted. Figured i could do that now...