A lot of red schemes today!

Just posting some stuff I had laying around. 

Doing some practice concept work. Always been fascinated by the idea of having mandibles going *behind* the shoulders sorta, so I wanted to try that out.
And some doodles.


More speed practice....

Practicing speed these days. On this one I tried to push my speed and scetching abilities. Started out with loose, cloudy brushes, and chiseled shapes out of that. Didnt know what i was going for in the beginning. The bottom one is after 2 hectic hours, where my goal was to establish the general feel, comp and mood, wothout details. The top one is where I went into more of a 'chillaxed' mode, and just added and refined details at my own leisure. What palette do you like the most, btw? When I went back and looked at the 2 hour one, I sort of liked how cold and dark it looks, as compared to the refined one.
'Nother one. This one was sloow though : (



This first one I did in about 2 hours I think. Did it to test out some new brushes that are based on one of the brushes from Kekais feature in FX magazine (though I always take great care in never using others brushes, but rather making my own from scratch based on what I see). It was pretty random, creative process where I doodled down random shapes and this came out.
"Long time ago, a geomancer slayed the great dragon Nadyargunthagel, by binding it to the earth with chains. Now, millenia after, it has turned into one of the main gathering places of geomancers studying their craft."  
This one... I don't know. 45 min I think...