Finally! Update! This time around a person of a reptilian origin.

Also, I have started up a soundcloud.com account now, and uploaded some music that I've made. Go to soundcloud.com/angroc! Uploaded one cheesy instrumental and one 12 minute noise beat thing (that I split up for convenience since it consists of several 'parts').


Sue said...

Hey Johan,

Just somethings I'd like to say, I have a lot actually. What I'm missing the most out of this are the defined edges there are a lot of things that are too ambiguous for me and I feel like the painting is making my eyes work too hard. Define your SHAPES! He has an awesome silhouette but what you need to do is really get those inner shapes figured out, I think I suggested also you probably doing a study of how the anatomy of this guy would work. Not that its a problem here but I think it would just be fun for you. When I look at where his second pair of arms are, I get a little confused with the overlapping and general sense of whats what, for example whats covering his Left inner arm? Anyway, I know there is always something you're going for and hoping to achieve with your paintings, maybe this one was speed? I dunno : ) But I hope you were having fun.

Here I am again...I hope you weren't offended, you said I can be mean but I think you're work is the best :) I just want to help! I love you! : D

Johan said...

Thanks for your valuable insight. You have a reputation amongst myself to be the "last test" of ambiguity. If you can see what's what, most people can.

I will go back to it for sure. The problem you mentioned with the arm was sad accident I just didnt see myself. There's two flaps on each side of his "hoodie" that goes down on the side of his face. One of them is too dark, but only that, but it 'meshes' with hisright 'extra-arm'. I think this might be the main problem with it.

As for your other crits, I will see what I can do. I did try to add some shape to his cloth, but I am afraid of adding too much, since he has really dark ninja clothes. : )

And yes, speed was a factor, as always. But thats not an excuse to not go back a bit and tinker with it some more.

Johan said...

so thanks so much for the comment! And no I wasn't offended hehe. I need all the help I can get! Love you too! : D

KI-KE said...

really loving the second environment piece. Nice composition. Also; thanks for the feed back. Take care Johan.

trishkell said...

that's very nice! well done!