Tank concept and a sketch.

Wanted to try my hands at doing a vehicle like I have seen some of them pros out there do it, by first constructing it in 3d, and then use that mesh to make additional conceptual illustrations real fast and effectively.  Used a bit more time than what I had hoped, and not sure how happy I am either, but i think once I get my workflow ailed down a bit more it will go faster. One of the "speedbumps" I bumped on was that maya doesn't have a proper wireframe render, so I had to find out how to use a the toonshader for that. Ended up finding a plug-in at Creative Crash (former High End 3d) to make it fast and simple.


A speedie.

Stuff for storyboarding.

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KI-KE said...

Man you are lightning speed for real Johan. Great sketches, and crazy improvement. Keep the good stuff coming.